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Loomarnia is an efficient tool for hacking facebook passwords. It spread very quickly because of it's ability to hack facebook account in less than a minute and do it so the hacker can never be traced.

It utilizes a hash reversing method known as Rainbow Table with some other secret techniques. Before it was published to the world, it has been tested on hundreds of accounts and had amazing results.

They showed that it had an amazing speed and was hacking accounts in an average 58 seconds and 99% of them successfuly. Loomarnia can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Screenshot of this hack tool in action:


Here is a demonstration on video on how to use this program to hack facebook accounts:

Loomarnia requires the latest .NET Framework so make sure you have it updated or it could show some errors. Click here to download the latest version of .NET Framework.

The only accounts safe from this tool are the ones protected with passwords combining 50 or more letters, digits and symbols and hence the 99% success rate. Since these accounts are very rare you can be sure that it will work for you. However, if you're very unlucky and stumble upon a account like this, then you could try keylogging or phishing.

Download Loomarnia v1.0: